Deposit Required:

When booking any charter with us we require a half down deposit prior to any trip. The remaining half will be paid upon return along with additional crew gratuity.

Customer Cancelation Policy:

We require a one week advance notice to cancel a charter to have your full deposit returned. We only have so many trips that can be booked within the season and cancelations cannot always be filled within a week. 

If cancelation occurs within 7 days of the date selected customer can choose to select another date (If Available) or use that deposit towards a trip the following year. 


Weather is inevitable and is something we take very seriously when planning and guiding your trip. That said, the fish are wet already so rain is never going to postpone a trip. We ask that you take all precautions to stay dry, warm and comfortable. We do not cancel due to rain.  Weather that causes the majority of our trips interruptions is the WIND.  Wind can be unpredictable and can make for dangerous seas. We take this seriously and are in constant watch of the forecast to ensure the safety of all aboard.

Weather Cancelation:

It is the Captains decision and he makes every effort to decide in a timely manner if the weather will cause an issue before your trip. He reserves the right to cancel up until the time you are scheduled to leave the dock should he make the call that it will not be safe to leave. 

If a weather cancelation must occur your deposit will be added to another day. If you cannot make another day this season your deposit will be added to next season. Full day trips can also be downgraded at the captains discretion to half day trips should weather conditions worsen while trips are under way.

Lost/Damaged Gear:

Accidents happen on a boat… We understand this and try to take every precaution, however we ask that you take this seriously. We offer our customers the opportunity to use our gear and ask that they respect the boat and owners property. The boat is not an indestructible object and things can be damaged if not respected. If you break it, you buy it. If you Lose it, you buy it. You will be responsible to pay the replacement value for any rod or reel lost overboard, or any damage the boat may incur due to negligence, or misuse.

Giant Tuna:

If a giant tuna is caught, the client receives that trip for free! The boat gets the fish. There are no exceptions to this rule due to commercial harvest laws.


Many believe bananas are bad luck to bring aboard a boat. Back in the early days they were among the first to spoil on a boat and would often lead to the rest of the ships produce and food going bad. Some believe it's a bunch of non sense. We are not those people... DO NOT BRING THEM. All parties stepping aboard will be subject to search and seizure of bananas and will have their paraphernalia confiscated and promptly hurled overboard. Culprits found to be in possession of such fruit will be further tortured throughout the day with jokes and any poor catch blame. You have been warned.






It's ok...

We Get These Alot....